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Oscar Scheller shares new song 'Weirdo'

Oscar Scheller - 'Weirdo'

British producer Oscar Scheller has shared his first single since the release of his LP Boys Cry earlier this year, ‘Weirdo’.

“‘Weirdo’ is about the unhealthy behaviour of being attracted to emotionally unavailable people, and kind of just laughing at myself because it’s a habit I’m constantly trying to break,” Scheller explained. “The song came about when I developed strong feelings for someone who lived in LA. It all started with me asking myself ‘why can’t I like someone who’s in the same city as me? I’m such a weirdo’.”

Adding: “I’d like people to be more self aware of their patterns, for themselves and others, but also see the funny side of it too. It’s good to laugh at yourself. I started the track in London then finished it in LA. My friend Franco Reid added some sprinkles (we also made my track ‘Peach’ together).”

Scheller is a fantastic producer, racking up credits for Rina Sawayama‘s ‘Tokyo Love Hotel’, Arlo Parks‘ ‘George’, and Ashnikko‘s ‘Stupid’. Obviously Scheller knows his way around a hook, especially if there’s some electroclash involved. Unfortunately, it sounds like Scheller should stay behind the mixing desk instead of stepping in front of a microphone.

The song is just flat: the worst offender are the monotone vocals, but just as egregious is the are the fuzz-filled cannon blasts that accompany each chorus. They just feel forced. It’s less of a dynamic shift and more a sonic slap in the face. That could have been exciting if the collage of sounds that flesh out the arrangement weren’t cliched breakbeats or guitars with bad flanger on them.

Scheller’s self-pitying lyrics don’t help matters either – too limp to be ironic, and too boilerplate to be taken seriously. ‘Weirdo’ is a misfire on all accounts, and the best that can be said about the song is that it’s competently put together by someone who obviously has an ear for solid production. That won’t get you past Scheller’s droll drawl, but it does mean Scheller has a bright future… just probably not as a breakout star himself.

Check out the audio for ‘Weirdo’ down below.