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Oscar Scheller shares new single 'I'm Enough'

Oscar Scheller ft. Katie Gavin - 'I'm Enough'

Oscar Scheller has recruited MUNA’s Katie Gavin for his brand new single, ‘I’m Enough’.

In 2019, Scheller released his second record, HTTP404, and ‘I’m Enough’ is the latest release from the London-based artist who is gearing up to share his latest full-length effort, Boys Cry, which is out on February 15th. The track firmly falls under the sad banger category and the mellow, minimalist bedroom beat that Scheller has cooked up lends itself perfectly for his woozy vocals.

MUNA’s Katie Gavin’s more expansive range of vocals unlock a more emotive side to the song, and her performance is a show-stealing one, which truly takes ‘I’m Enough’ up a level by adding another dimension to that it’s hard to picture without.

On the chorus, the pair harmonise: “I’m enough, I’m enough, I’m enough, Doesn’t seem it most days, but I’m enough.” Gavin then takes the final verse and delivers a powerful performance, as she sings, “I know I’m enough ’cause I’m so smart, I just need my brain to tell it to my heart, I know I’m enough ’cause I’m so smart.”

“I was in New York as I’d flown out to see a girl there, but it didn’t work out how I had imagined,” he says of the track. “I was super bummed and after aimlessly wandering the streets of Manhattan I wrote two songs and one was ‘I’m Enough’.

“It was my response to the experience, a sort of conversation with myself to remind myself I am enough, with or without someone. No need for external validation or acceptance. It’s really important to keep reminding yourself of that, however ‘Live Laugh Love’ it sounds, it’s the gospel.”

As Scheller even alludes to in the statement, the song’s message could fall to a cringeworthy trap, but his self-awareness manages to guide the track away from that, and the result is a mighty fine effort. Check it out, below.