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The only actor to be killed by a trio of iconic movie monsters


The movie monsters of the universe have claimed their fair share of fictional lives, with the likes of the Xenomorph, the Terminator and Predator claiming hundreds of lives across the multiple films in which they feature as the murderous poster-child. Through decapitation, a shot to the head or a whole wide-jawed bite to the head, such aforementioned killers are trained in the art of slaughter. 

It seems as though they each share the same hunger for human flesh too, with the actor Bill Paxton having played three characters who have each been murdered by the science fiction beasts. 

A cult hero and star of some of the most beloved sci-fi flicks and horror movies of all time, the late Bill Paxton is the only actor to have completed this geeky trivial challenge, with the 1984 film The Terminator being the very first time he would meet his fictional demise. 

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In one of the actor’s very first roles, Paxton featured as a generic blue-haired punk in James Cameron’s influential science fiction action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role. Approaching Paxton and his thuggish friends, a naked Terminator asks for their clothes in his typically cold monotone voice before they each whip out a flick knife and the T-800 proceeds to dispatch them.

Although the fate of Paxton’s character is never fully confirmed, he is thrown through the air and slammed against an iron gate by one of the strongest beings on the whole planet earth. Dead or not, he’s not getting up anytime soon. Despite this, he gets off lightly compared to his friend, played by Brian Thompson, who is stabbed by the Terminator using his own knife. 

Two years later, Paxton had reached a higher level of industry fame, taking on more of a starring role in James Cameron’s follow-up project Aliens. Playing Private Hudson, his character is best known for shouting “Game over, man!” in a fit of desperate disappointment and rage, before reaching his grisly demise later in the movie.

Making his final stand against the murderous Xenomorphs, Paxton’s character does a good job taking out a few of the aliens with his pulse rifle before a sneaky extraterrestrial comes up from the floor and drags him down into the ventilation shaft below. What happens to him? Considering we never see him again, it’s best not to think about it. 

His last cinematic demise at the hands of an iconic villain came in Predator 2, and while it isn’t his most dignified, it is up there with one of his most ridiculous. Taking on the master hunter from another planet, Paxton’s Detective Lambert helps to evacuate a train whilst trying to take Predator out. Eventually, in a moment of rage, he shouts “Let’s dance!” and runs toward the creature before he’s thrown to the side and presumably slaughtered. It’s truly hard to tell, given the strobe effects of the scene.

With no other actor managing to achieve such a feat, you’ve got to hand it to Bill Paxton. Not only does he know how to take a fictional death scene with pride, but he also knows how to do it in a melodramatic style.

Take a look at the very first time Paxton came face-to-face with The Terminator, below.