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(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


When Danny DeVito got Arnold Schwarzenegger high as a prank

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger have worked together on multiple famous projects, including the 1988 comedy Twins where they starred as diametrically opposite twin brothers who were separated after they were born. The film ended up becoming a commercial hit and one of the most beloved comedies of the year.

After all these years, DeVito and Schwarzenegger are reuniting for a new spin-off of Twins called Triplets. The latest film will add to the bizarre unpredictability of its predecessor’s events by featuring Tracy Morgan as the third brother who had gotten lost at birth. Many fans of the original are eagerly waiting for this new work.

In a recent interview, Schwarzenegger revealed details about working with DeVito and recalled the time when he had become accidentally high on the set of their 1994 film Junior. Schwarzenegger claimed that DeVito invited him to his trailer for food and offered him a cigar that had marijuana in it, resulting in a hilarious sequence of events on set.

“We all do these little things that you always do in a movie,” Schwarzenegger said. “But there was one time when I was shooting Junior I remember and it was lunch break. Danny says to me, ‘Come to my trailer, I cook some good Italian food’. So I said ‘OK’, we went to the trailer, we ate the Italian food, it was delicious – the pasta and all this stuff that he had.”

When he returned to the filming after lunch, Schwarzenegger had forgotten all his lines after taking a hit of the weed cigar. He tried to trick DeVito into falling for the same prank but it did not work on the maestro. “He has a nose for marijuana,” Schwarzenegger said. “I gave him the cigar and he says, ‘Ah, there’s some grass in it’ so it didn’t work.”

Watch a clip from Twins below.