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(Credit: The xx)


The xx's Oliver Sim to release a solo single

The xx’s mainstay Oliver Sim has announced that he will release his debut single, ‘Romance With A Memory’, on Thursday, March 10th. Nominally the bassist in The xx, Sim is also one of the band’s vocalists, which is why it should come as no surprise that he is issuing a lyric video to go along with the song. In a caption that accompanies the song, Sim writes, “I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to watch a ghoul having a good time.”

“I’ve made a compilation of some of my favourite monsters,” Sim continued, “Killers and queers getting down to ‘Romance With A Memory’. I hope both the music and monsters make you feel as happy as they make me.” The video will go live at 3pm, Thursday, March 10th.

The single coincides with the launch of a new monthly radio series for Apple Music 1, Apple’s global live stream radio station. Interludes Radio is set to premiere on March 10th as well and will feature a new host on every episode. Sim will host the premiere episode and the bassist has programmed a horror-film-themed episode featuring Florence Welch, Elton John, Sampha, John Glacier, Romy, Jamie xx, and director Yann Gonzalez.

In an accompanying press release, the band has said that they will rotate as radio show hosts, and every episode will feature a new guest. The show will also boast an insight into their workings, whether it is separate to the other members, or as a collective whole.

Recently, the band shared footage of themselves performing Jamie xx’s ‘Stranger In A Room’. Although the song featured on Jamie xx’s 2015 solo album In Colour, the recording featured Sim on lead vocals. Naturally, The xx placed it into their own setlist, as it already boasted two of the band members.

In a post, the band claimed they only performed ‘Stranger In A Room’ on four or five occasions, but committed each of these recordings to tape. Romy Madley Croft has also kept busy as a solo artist, and recently issued a track that was recorded outside of the band’s circuit.