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'Nope' beats Jordan Peele's box office record


Jordan Peele is on one hell of a roll. The director’s latest horror feature film, Nope, recently opened in cinemas and has since outsold his previous project, 2019’s Us, at the box office. In its opening weekend, Nope raked in an impressive $44 million. The film had a $68 million budget, meaning it will most certainly break even — and then some.

The success of the new project is all the more impressive considering its release date was pushed back to mid-August in several countries around the work, including important markets like France, South Korea, Australia, and the UK.

Many of Peele’s films have made the majority of their profit at the domestic box office. Both Us and Get Out earned around 70% of their earnings at home. However, both of these movies received overseas released later down the line, an approach which may well have negatively affected their international box office performance.

Written, directed and co-produced by Peele via his own studio MonkeyPaw Productions, the plot of Nope has been veiled in mystery, with its ambiguous teaser trailers hinting only towards the possibility of alien life on an isolated ranch.

The success of Nope is good news for film buffs. Anyone who’s been to the cinema recently will know that Hollywood studios are taking fewer and fewer risks, with many only willing to adapt existing intellectual property that they know will do well at the box office.

Original screenplays, therefore, are innately worrying for Hollywood executives. Still, the fact that Peele’s films have continually found mainstream success would imply that there’s little to be worried about.

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