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Jordan Peele opens up about new projects during 'Nope' premiere

Jordan Peele announced himself as a major horror filmmaker when he released his debut feature, Get Out, which went on to become one of the most iconic works of the last decade. Through his films, Peele has incorporated a unique aesthetic framework through which he has examined haunting issues such as American racism.

Now, Peele has returned to the world of cinema with another feature called Nope which has started garnering attention because it is a horror film set in broad daylight. The film revolves around a small community in an isolated town which is subjected to all kinds of bizarre events accompanied by unexplainable phenomena.

“I think it’s the first example of Black cowboy representation that I know of in Hollywood mythology,” Peele said in an interview. “You come up with this nightmare, or this vision, and then you bring this team together. And you launch into it full tilt with collaboration and the product ends up being even something surprising to me if it works out well. And it did this time.”

At the recent premiere of Nope, the filmmaker was asked about his vision for some of the future projects he had in store. Since Peele’s career started out in the domain of comedy, he revealed that he was interested in transcending the limitations of genre frameworks by focusing on telling engaging stories.

Commenting on his vision for the future and the tone of his next films, Peele added: “A little bit of horror, a little bit of comedy; I’m always going to try and give you a big show. I will stay within this realm that I love which is, I think, the only way I know how to view the world and how to tell stories at this point.”

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