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The reason wh Noel Gallagher told Dave Grohl to "suck my d*ck"


Noel Gallagher loves nothing more than a war of words, and Dave Grohl is somebody who knows the venomous wrath of the formal Oasis man all too well. The height of the tension between the two musicians, however, arrived when Gallagher invited him to “suck my d*ck” after growing irritated by on-stage comments made by the Foo Fighters singer.

Grohl is a fan of Oasis, but less so of Noel, and his contempt is understandable after the slew of insults he’s been forced to bat off from the elder Gallagher brother. Grohl is firmly part of ‘Team Liam’, who has supported Foo Fighters in recent years, and he’s even joined them to cover ‘Come Together’ by The Beatles.

The former Nirvana drummer told QMRQ, “It’s over. If it was a competition, it’s over. Liam is selling out massive stadiums, number one hits, huge albums. All the kids want to be him. I loved Oasis, but nobody wants to be Noel, do they? I’m in a great band but even I want to be Liam.”

These comments won’t have upset Noel, who couldn’t care less about what Grohl has to say about his solo career. However, Gallagher was angered during the Foo’s headline set at Reading Festival in 2019, and Gallagher replied the only way he knows how.

Not only did drummer Taylor Hawkins don a drum kit with the faces of the Gallagher brothers, but he also told the crowd: “One of these days we’ll get Oasis back. One of these days”.

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Grohl then added: “We’re trying. How many people wanna see Oasis fucking play a show?” The two then asked the audience how many would be willing to sign a petition to make the ultimate Britpop reunion happen.

When Noel played in San Diego a few days later, he addressed the situation and asked: “Is anyone gonna sign that petition Dave Grohl wants to get together to get us back together? I hereby start a petition to break up the Foo Fighters. Anyone free can fucking sign it. If the fucking drummer from Nirvana wants to get Oasis back together, he can come up on-stage and suck my fucking dick anytime he likes.”

In response, Hawkins called Gallagher a “jerk” on Radio X and also found it demeaning that he referred to Grohl as “the drummer from Nirvana”, which he said was a strategic move “to lower him”.

He also highlighted Liam’s solo success, and added: “Liam’s having a lot of success. I mean, he’s doing two nights at The O2 Arena. Do you think that Potato Gallagher and the Low Charting Turds could do two nights at The O2 Arena.”

Before the salty escapade occurred, Gallagher had a history with Grohl, and in 2017 told Virgin Radio, “Rock music, or whatever you want to call it, it seems to be a lot of shouting about some unspecified injustice. Dave Grohl, for instance, what’s he on about? He’s not shouting about anything.”

Hawkins’ gravest mistake was trying to go toe to toe in a verbal joust with Gallagher, who has more experience than he could ever wish to in this area. Additionally, as soon as you use a phrase as cringe-inducing as “Low Charting Turds”, you need to admit defeat, and that’s beside the fact they have twice as many number-one albums in the UK than Foo Fighters.