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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Liam Gallagher announces new single and teases "more big news"


Whatever you think about the man, give Liam Gallagher the credit he deserves: he knows how to rile up interest in whatever he’s doing. Yesterday, Manchester’s favourite son sent out a tweet that got people buzzing about what the singer might have in store.

Gallagher commented: “Big announcement tmoz and I mean BIG bigger than my nose bigger than rkids rite said Fred fucking massive so stay tuned.”

So good news: he’s likely not going to be promoting Neo-nazi’s on an upcoming livestream, so that’s good. But that’s also admittedly a relatively low bar, so what could the youngest Gallagher brother possibly be alluding to?

In a series of increasingly hilarious responses, Gallagher dispelled some theories about what he might be talking about. He’s not supporting U2 on their next stadium tour (“Stop smoking taytos they should be supporting ME”), and he’s not appearing on Matt Morgan’s podcast (“That’s not big thats for AZBINS”).

Eventually, Gallagher dropped that he’s unleashing a new single on the world. The track, titled ‘Everything’s Electric’, will come out on February 4th. It’ll be the first taste of his third studio album, C’mon You Know, as well as being Gallagher’s first solo single since 2020’s ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’. Gallagher contributed to Richard Ashcroft’s recent single ‘C’mon People (We’re Making It Now)’.

But Gallagher wasn’t done: a follow-up tweet teased “more big news” to drop tomorrow. Gallagher claimed that the forthcoming news is “bigger than my mouth and that’s BIG,” so start placing your bets now. More stadium shows? A US tour? Something else? We’ll have to wait and see.

And before you go there: no, Oasis is not getting back together. Better luck next week.