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(Credit: Mitch Ikeda)


Noel Gallagher's once picked his 5 favourite films of all time

“The sign of great art is what happens afterwards, and this film changed everything.” — Noel Gallagher

As we are set to endure yet more weeks of lockdown, as the global pandemic continues to rage on and the desperate need to remain socially distant grows by the day, we’re also in need of something to cure our boredom. Look no further then, as we have this selection of films from one of British music’s greatest heroes — Oasis and High Flying Birds man, Noel Gallagher,

There’s a lot we would turn to Noel Gallagher for. If we needed a hit rock ‘n’ roll song, we’d certainly give him a bell. If we were after some decent clobber and a top haircut, we’d certainly give the former Oasis man a little nudge. If we needed someone to be insulted until they cried in front of us, Noel Gallagher would be the first name on our list, well, him or his brother. But, what we didn’t think we’d ever go to the singer for was an essential films list. However, thanks to a conversation with Mojo in 2011, we’ve got exactly that.

The original interview, conducted as a mammoth 16-page spread on the singer, asked the famed Mancunian to pick out five films that have changed his life. Never one to shy away from hearing his own opinion, Gallagher was happy to share those movies that have meant the most to him during his lifetime and it makes for a seriously robust essential watch list.

Speaking to Mojo, Gallagher picked out the classic western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly as one of his most cherished films, saying: “It’s epic, brilliantly written, the story is great, and they all end up in a graveyard in a three-way shoot-off.” That’s not all Gallagher needs for a classic film though, he also gleefully shares: “It looks good as well, Clint Eastwood wears three outfits in the entire film and I’d wear them all.”

From the sixties to the nineties — a trip Gallagher is very adept at taking — and the ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger Singer’ picks out Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece Pulp Fiction from 1994. While we could go on endlessly about the minute details of why this film is rightly considered a classic, Gallagher makes a fine point by saying: “The sign of great art is what happens afterwards, and this film changed everything. Even the black suit and the black-tie look came back in, and before that only waiters wore it.”

There was one film that completely changed the lives of all the children who saw it, Star Wars: A New Hope. For many, the film still represents a landmark moment in their childhood and creative journey into adulthood: “I was ten when this came out, and I still believe that galaxy is going on somewhere, a long, long time ago and far, far away. And even now, it looks state of the art.” That may be up for debate, but the core value of the film still permeates audiences. “It deals with the most basic premise of good vs evil,” confirms Gallagher, “and someone got to rescue the girl, but you’ve got to admire someone with the vision to invent an entire language. It blew my mind, and I can’t wait for it to blow my son’s mind.”

For any of you claiming Star Wars to be inferior science fiction, Gallagher has the perfect response: “Fuck Blade Runner. Blade Runner is Radiohead. Star Wars is Oasis.” That statement will, undoubtedly, make all Radiohead fans feel a little more secure.

The next pick on Gallagher’s list is a little closer to home. Picking out The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash, the Mancunian leans heavily on his love for The Beatles as he champions the parody film about the Fab Four. “The Beatles story is fantastic because Neil Innes took the piss out of it. It’s the British Spinal Tap, and the songs ‘Ouch! I Must Be In Love,’ ‘Cheese And Onions’ – are all f**king great”.

The most recent film on Gallagher’s list is the war epic Downfall. Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, it takes another look at the last days of Adolf Hitler. There’s a dark satisfaction to be had form the film says Gallagher: “I love the black nihilism of it all. They’re all staying to the bitter end, and it is the end of their world. We’ve been in the end of relationships, the end of tours, and the end of bands. But they know this is the end of their entire way of life and they’re all going to die. They are dead.”

While we are happy to admit that we wouldn’t often choose someone like Noel Gallagher to get our film suggestions from, judging by his choices, we’re also happy to admit we were wrong.

Noel Gallagher’s 5 favourite films:

  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Sergio Leone
  • Pulp Fiction – Quentin Tarantino
  • Star Wars: A New Hope – George Lucas
  • The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash – Neil Innes
  • Downfall – Oliver Hirschbiegel