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Nick Cave has written and illustrated a new children's book called 'The Little Thing'


As if he isn’t already busy enough, Nick Cave has decided to venture into the world of children’s publishing with a new book that he has both written and illustrated. The Little Thing was originally written by Cave for his three-year-old neighbour, Esme. The book is available for pre-order now and is set for release on November 15th.

Describing the book in a statement posted on his website, Cave said: “It is the tale of a little thing that goes on an epic adventure to discover the true nature of its identity.”

The charming book follows the titular Little Thing on an adventure of discovery: “‘What am I?’ asks The Little Thing. Along the way it meets a cast of diverse characters including a tomato, a toilet roll, a showerhead, a cupcake, and a corn on the cob, that guide The Little Thing toward its final joyous realisation,” Cave writes.

If you’re looking to grab a copy of Cave’s new book you can look forward to being treated to a free download of The Little Thing ‘talking book’, narrated by Nick Cave with music from Cave himself and Bad Seeds member Warren Ellis, who recently released his debut book, Nina Simone’s Gum.

Ellis’ memoir takes its title from an incident in 1999 when Ellis spotted the iconic singer’s gum lying on the lip of the stage and decided to pick it up following her performance at that year’s Meltdown Festival, which Cave curated.

Beyond the world of literature, Cave has also taken to the silver screen, appearing in the new film starring Benedict Cumberbatch The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, in which Cave portrays the science fiction author H.G. Wells. Elsewhere Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are set to embark on a string of European tour dates next year, which will see them hit a number of major festivals across the continent.