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Nick Cave and Warren Ellis Score Loin Des Hommes

Not only does Loin Des Hommes star amazing actor Viggo Mortensen and is already a triple prizewinner at the Venice Film Festival (2014) but it also has Nick Cave and Warren Ellis scoring the production.

This isn’t the first time Cave and the baddest seed have worked together on a film score. They cut their teeth on The Proposition starring Emma Watson and Ray Winstone and later worked on Icelandic theatre productions Woyzeck, Metamorphosis and Faust. 

The duo have long worked together in a natural rhythm creating sound-scapes which paint the picture of the feature with effortless grace and dread. But it’s the discovery of Ellis’ violin loops which turned them in to such an effective machine.

“It was suddenly an amazing way to write because you didn’t have to do things from scratch,” Cave explains. “Warren would put on a loop that would create this instant atmosphere, and we could go off and work on top of that. To sit at a piano, put chords onto a linear loop and make something out of that is just an easy and very pleasurable way to work.”

With all that gravitas behind a film we are expecting big things. So without further ado, here’s a snippet of the kind of sounds you are expected to hear on the film’s May 18th release date.

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Jack Whatley