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(Credit: Bleddyn Butcher)


Nick Cave and Warren Ellis appear on James Corden


Nick Cave and Warren Ellis might not be the first people you think of when you think about late-night show guests, but the pair went on the Late Late Show with James Corden on March 2nd to perform their song ‘Ghosteen Speaks’.

The pair have been pulling out all the stops when it comes to producing new work recently, with performances, recording new music, and even filmography. Their new film, This Much I Know To Be True comes out on May 11th, and it will be distributed by Trafalgar Releasing.

Shot on location in both London and Brighton, the film works to document their first-ever performances of their last two studio albums, Ghosteen and Carnage, filmed in spring 2021 right before their U.K. tour.

The song they performed on the show, ‘Ghosteen Speaks’, originally came out in 2019 on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ album, Ghosteen. Their live performance of the song brings it to life with a new arrangement specifically for the film.

Although the song remains mostly constant to the original version, the new arrangement and stylised live performance are extremely lively, complete with rotating dolly shots, a filmic colour arrangement, and a full backing choir.

While this might be a slightly odd choice for a late-night show performance, it’s clear that James Corden’s programme is branching out into more versatile acts, bringing them a bit more into the mainstream. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ performance is slowed-down and captivating, making it a perfect cool-down within the show.

If you want to see their new film, This Much I Know To Be True, you can catch it in theatres in May. For now, you can check out this unique live performance from the pair right here.