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James Bond actor Naomie Harris claims "a huge star" groped during audition


Naomie Harris, who stars as Eve Moneypenny in the James Bond franchise, has alleged that she was groped by a huge star during her audition process for the role and nobody said anything. 

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, Harris did not name the star in question but alleged that at one point during the audition he put his hand up her skirt in full view of those present and nothing was done. 

“What was so shocking about it was the casting director was there and the director, and of course no one said anything because he was – he is – such a huge star,” she said.

This was Harris’ first experience of such behaviour in the film industry and as such she believes herself to be “very lucky” given the number of cases she has heard from fellow performers. 

Fortunately, she also reflected that the climate is changing as more people speak out. “I was on a project where there was a #MeToo incident and there was no hesitation,” she reported “[The perpetrator] was immediately removed.”

In the interview, Harris also touched upon the need for safer gun control in the film industry and said that this was not necessarily merely in the light of the recent tragedy involving Alec Baldwin; highlighting that she often feared similar incidents.