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Nadine Shah shares another 'Kitchen Sink' drama

Nadine Shah continues to ramp up towards her new album Kitchen Sink with some new music and this time it’s the album’s title track turn to showcase Shah’s unstoppable talent. ‘Kitchen Sink’ is our Track of the Day.

The new track follows ‘Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)’ and ‘Trad’ both of which have been widely adored and go to further establish Shah as one of the most engaged voices of recent years.

Never one to shy away from the issue at hand, ‘Kitchen Sink’ is the crown jewel of her new record and again sees Shah exploring the idea of being an outsider in such a connected world.

“I love kitchen sink dramas and it felt like a fitting backdrop for this character of the outsider to exist within,” says Shah of the new song.

“You can imagine them entering their new neighbourhood, walking the street and one by one, the residents poking their noses through their curtains to get a good look at this person from elsewhere. I see a hell of a lot of curtain twitching these days, during lockdown, but always coupled with a smile or a wave.”

‘Kitchen Sink’ may well come out of the blocks with a slightly different tone to Shah’s usual sonic offering, but it still feels wholly authentic. What’s more, the new mood pushes Sha’s lyrics to the forefront, which is never a bad thing.

Soon enough and the song is slashed by guitar work capable of welcoming the apocalypse. All together it make for one of Shah’s best songs and sets up the new album Kitchen Sink, which arrives on June 5th via Infectious Records, as an even more desirable release.

For now, listen to the title-track from Nadine Shah below.