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Nadine Shah shares the conflicting new single 'Trad'


Nadine Shah has shared the latest single from her upcoming album Kitchen Sink which lands on June 6th. We’ve made ‘Trad’ our Track of the Day.

The singer continues to show off her ever-impressive songwriting ability as she once again traverses complex terrain with an admirable degree of authenticity and a heavy dose of talent.

Nadine Shah is one of those artists who feel like you could bump into them at your local launderette. That’s not to say she’s anything like average, the singer has grown her talent and evolved with every new record, her fourth album Kitchen Sink is shaping up to be her best yet.

Shah has always been open and honest with her songwriting, divulging her personal problems to anyone who picked up an album. But over the course of the last few records that has changed from her individual problems to her interpretation of the society around us. She’s slowly becoming the mouthpiece of a whole section of underrepresented women.

‘Trad’ is another moment of this transition. In the single Shah attempts to tackle the juxtaposing oppression she feels to conform to traditional gender roles in marriage and love with her desire to assume them. As ever, it’s an honest account from a wonderful artist.

The single follows the first release from Kitchen Sink, ‘Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)’ and is another reason to be paying attention when the album drops via Infectious Music on June 5th.

Listen to Nadine Shah’s ‘Trad’ below: