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(Credit: Melissa Godoy)

"Get out! We don't need you!" | Morrissey kicks out protesters from his recent concert


Last night saw Morrissey perform in the hipster capital of the world Portland, Oregon. The night, as one might expect, wasn’t without incident and saw Morrissey eject two protesters who had come to gig armed with signs and slogans.

The footage shows the moment that Morrissey went full tyrannical twat as he demanded the two protesters, who by all accounts were peacefully protesting — though their disturbance clearly stopped proceedings, to be removed from the building before he would continue the show.

The protesters had two signs, one which said: “Bigmouth Indeed” and the other which seemed to have some sort of ‘cancelled’ trident, both one would imagine meant for protesting against Moz’s recent spate of far-right rhetoric which has seen him divide his fans while supporting political party For Britain.

Like a true tyrant, Moz had the pair removed with all the drama and flourish that used to adorn his music. “Get out! Get out! Get out! We don’t need you! We don’t need you! We don’t need you!” He sounds so much like Trump at so many rallies that it feels hard to reconcile the current Moz from the lead singer of The Smiths we all fell in love with.

With repeated “goodbyes” the band began to play again and the lights dimmed while the crowd turned from mild boos to milder cheers. See the footage, below.

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Morrissey has been building a steady stream of discomfort for his fans for some time now with former collaborators and friends all turning against the singer as he continues to promote a divisive anti-Islamic message.

His continued support for far-right political party ‘For Britain’ has been a large blocker for many former fans of Moz and has provided a somewhat tense atmosphere on fan sites and gigs with some fans in full, continued adoration of Morrissey, and others who cannot match his rhetoric with his past.

The ‘For Britain Movement’ is a political group—often described as extremist—founded by the anti-Islam activist Anne Marie Waters after she was defeated in the 2017 UKIP leadership. Morrissey was asked outright if he supported the party to which he answered in no uncertain terms: “Absolutely, yes.”

This clear position comes after months of flirting around the conversation. After wearing the badge of For Britain while performing live on US television, defending the likes of Tommy Robinson, suggested that Hitler was left-wing and hitting out at London mayor Sadiq Kahn in a slur about his speech, Morrissey has been letting his feelings known to full effect

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Given his support for the far-right party, Morrissey was thanked by For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters, thanking him and the Daily Mail for their support: “Thank you so much for your support since the UKIP leadership election,” Waters said in a new YouTube video. “Thank you for giving us so much publicity.”

Perhaps more concerning, Waters went on to suggest that the popularity of the political movement has grown substantially since Morrissey’s show of support: “I can tell you that the traffic to our website exploded with the story breaking of you wearing the For Britain button badge, which you have been wearing everywhere from what I can see. We have sold out of those, but the good news is we have more, and they have been selling like hot cakes, so thank you very much for doing that,” she added.

Signing off her YouTube video, Waters thanked both Morrissey and the Daily Mail for spreading the word about For Britain: “Thank you, Morrissey. I hope to meet you one day,” said Waters. “Thank you, Daily Mail. Keep up the hysterical smearing. It’s having the opposite effect. You are driving people to us.”