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Morgan Freeman banned from entering Russia


Morgan Freeman has been permanently banned from entering the Russian Federation along with roughly 1,000 of his American compatriots.

Russia released a list of 963 names who have been prohibited from ever entering the Russian Federation in response to US sanctions imposed in light of the invasion of Ukraine. 

Actor Morgan Freeman joins the likes of President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and other high profile political figures and journalists who have been outspoken about Russia’s military invasion. 

Freeman is one of two thespians on the list alongside Rob Reiner. While no formal explanation was given for their inclusion, the two stately men were involved with the non-profit organisation the Committee to Investigate Russia, which began in 2016 to look into Russian interference in the election. 

Freeman lent his distinct voice to a PSA for the Committee which was highly critical of Vladimir Putin claiming that he orchestrated a democratic attack on America. 

While Morgan’s appearance on the banned list for this voice-over work might have raised few eyebrows, his inclusion paled in comparison to the surprise of seeing three deceased names on the list in the form of John McCain, Harry Reid and Orrin Hatch. 

Many have also commented that it is also notable that Donald Trump was omitted from the list and is free to enter Russia as he pleases. 

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