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(Credit: JCS)


Morgan Freeman named his favourite film of all time

Morgan Freeman is one of the towering figures of American cinema, and his impactful performances in iconic productions such as Se7en and Shawshank Redemption are still remembered and discussed by adoring fans. Even though the ageing actor has cemented his status in the history of cinema, Freeman has continued to push forward with new projects.

In 2021, Freeman featured in multiple films such as The Comeback Trail, Vanquish and Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, in addition to Coming 2 America. He has also signed onto other projects that are currently in the post-production phase, like Muti where he will play the role of an anthropologist aiding the hunt for a serial killer.

Throughout his career, Freeman has been asked about his opinions on some of his favourite films on multiple occasions. He even claimed that his favourite performance from his own extensive body of work actually came in the film Driving Miss Daisy which ended up winning the Best Picture Award at the Oscars.

However, there is one particular film that Freeman hasn’t participated in that he enjoys more than the rest. When asked about his favourite cinematic experience that he didn’t work on, the legendary actor named a famous musical by Baz Luhrmann, which was a great critical and commercial success at the time of its release.

“My favourite movie that I didn’t work on? Moulin Rouge!. I just think that movie is fabulous,” Freeman said in an interview, explaining his love for each and every element of the film. “What Baz Luhrmann did is really amazing… the dancing, the wardrobe, the music. People tend to fall on either side of that movie.

“Some people really like it and some people just don’t,” Freeman also commented on the divisive nature of the film. “I think when you have divided opinions like that, that’s the sign of art. It’s a work of art. It’s impressionable, and I think people tend to fall one way or the other because of that. I like the way Moulin Rouge! is edited. It has frantic energy to it.”