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Mick Jagger's favourite reggae songs of all time


There’s no doubt that The Rolling Stones will go down in history as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. A large part of their swashbuckling success comes from their inspiring leading man, Mick Jagger. The singer has transcended generations to remain one of the most dynamic frontmen of all time. Part of why he can continue to impress us all is because of his genuine love of music, and it’s not just reserved for rockers.

Jagger has always been able to adapt the sounds of the moment into his work with The Rolling Stones. Whether it’s disco, punk or, indeed, reggae, Jagger is able to assimilate himself with the rhythm at a moment’s notice. But, it must be said, the latter genre is where the singer feels most at home. Quite literally. Below, we’ve got Jagger’s ten favourite reggae songs of all time in one perfect playlist.

The singer has had a home in the island of Jamaica for most of his life and he claims that he and Charlie Watts, the Stones drummer, were the two main members of the band to adopt reggae into their heart. “We were interested from a rhythmic point of view, so we started to play reggae beats, and the rest of them picked it up.” adds Jagger with a mischievous grin, “I’m sure Keith (Richards) would say something different.”

The singer even invited The Wailers frontman, Peter Tosh, to join the Stones for a period. Following the split of the legendary reggae band, Jagger and co signed Peter Tosh to their label. However, he never managed to replicate the successes of his former bandmate Bob Marley and would eventually leave Rolling Stones Records in 1981. “Peter was an edgy guy and was frustrated a lot of the time,” Jagger once noted. “Bob Marley got so big, and that probably annoyed him.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Jagger confirmed just how enamoured he was with all things reggae by creating a solid list of his ten favourite tunes of all time. In fact, he is son in love with the genre that he couldn’t keep ti to just ten.

His rival, Bob Marley, of course, features in Jagger’s list of favourite reggae songs, picking his song ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ as well as ‘No More Trouble’ and ‘War’ as a sign of just how much he loves the singer. There are also nods for esteemed acts like Dawn Penn and Toots and the Maytals, as well as a former Stone signee, Peter Tosh.

There’s also an entry for Gregory Isaacs who managed to become Keith Richards’ favourite song of all time. Every single song on the list is a pure party-starting jam. They deliver in spades on every single note.

Below, we’ve got Mick Jagger’s favourite reggae songs as part of a perfect playlist.

Mick Jagger’s favourite reggae songs:

  • ‘Get Up,Stand Up / No More Trouble / War’ – Bob Marley
  • ‘Pick Myself Up’ – Peter Tosh
  • ’54-46′ That’s My Number’ – Toots and the Maytals
  • ‘You Don’t Love Me’ – Dawn Penn
  • ‘Cream Of The Crop’ – Gregory Isaacs
  • ‘War Ina Babylon’ – Max Romeo And The Upsetters
  • ‘Brethern And Sisters’ – The Viceroys
  • ‘Writing On The Wall’ – Ronnie Davis
  • ‘Ring The Alarm’ – Tenor Saw
  • ‘Marcus Garvey’ – Burning Spear