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Mick Jagger once left a date with Angelina Jolie to have a one-night stand with Farah Fawcett

There is a library of tales ready to be told on Mick Jagger, the enigmatic and hedonistic lead singer of The Rolling Stones—but nobody could’ve expected to see this kind of story today.

The band, who are well-known for living a rock and roll lifestyle down to the tee, have found themselves in a more than a few scrapes over the years. While drugs and rock and roll were always more within his compatriot Keith Richards’ wheelhouse, Jagger normally took care of the sexcapades of that oh-so-famous phrase. One particular date, with young actor Angelina Jolie, illustrates this perfectly.

In Christopher Anderson’s book, Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger, the Rolling Stones frontman is said to have slept with more than 4,000 women and, as you might imagine, some of those women were very famous faces. It is alleged that Jagger’s charm has led him to encounter relations with not only the former French First Lady Carla Bruni (whom allegedly broke it off with Donald Trump because she was so hung up on Jagger), but also pop music icon Madonna and, as aforementioned, a young Angelina Jolie. The book also claims that Jagger once made a beeline for Eric Clapton’s first wife Patti Boyd, who was 18 at the time in 1989, but failed in his efforts.

Two years later though, after his failed attempts to enter into relations with Boyd, Jagger met up with Clapton who was with his 23-year-old Italian model girlfriend Carla Bruni. “Please, Mick,” Clapton is said to have asked, “not this one. I think I’m in love.”

However, Jagger being Jagger, was in an affair with Bruni within a matter of days. “The obsession with Mick and Carla gripped me for the rest of that year,” he said. “It took some grisly turns when I found myself guesting with the Stones on a couple of shows, knowing she was lurking in the background.”

“The groupies were always swarming around Mick,” the book describes. “And one of the more irritating ones, according to the other groupies in the circle in New York in the early ’80s was a young lady named Madonna.”

While the book does go on to detail on Jagger’s sexual conquests, some of the stories need a heavy dose of salt to be truly believable and it goes without saying that some of which feel remarkably likely. One story that continues to flirt with either side of the plausibility coin is his brief early encounter with a 23-year-old Jolie.

The actor, who had been hired to play a stripper in a Rolling Stones music video for ‘Anybody Seen My Baby’, became the subject of Jagger’s attention when is said to have become somewhat obsessed with her: “She scares me a little — I like that,” Jagger allegedly said at the time. While Jolie turned down the rock star for some time, given that she was already married to Jonny Lee Miller, Jagger continued to bombard the actor with repeated phone calls. Lauren Taines, the friend of her mother who was present for the answerphone messages left by the rocker, once described them as “astonishing” before making the claims that Jagger was “virtually sobbing”.

Eventually, Jolie is said to have finally relented and agreed to go out on a date with the ‘Brown Sugar’ singer.

So, presumably, Jagger is a happy man. The then-64-year-old singer has managed to snag a date with one of the most beautiful women in the world who just happens to be 40 years his junior. Does he get in some last-minute prep, does he make a grand gesture, does he buy her flowers or a gift?

No. What Mick Jagger does, the book claims, is sneak away from the date to have a one-night-stand with iconic actor Farah Fawcett. “It was very brief, but what makes it fascinating is that it happened when Angelina Jolie and Mick were attending a party and he disappeared with Farrah,” Anderson’s book claims.

Despite his first date misdemeanour, Jagger was remarkably able to convince Jolie to meet him again and a somewhat secretive two-year love affair occurred in and around both their busy schedules.

So while you may sometimes think you’re a bit of a ladies man, or perhaps you fancy yourself a bit of a Casanova. Just remember you will never be as smooth as Mick Jagger.

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