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(Credit: Steve San)


Mick Jagger discusses the possibility of The Rolling Stones recording new music


Mick Jagger has discussed whether The Rolling Stones will soon be able to record a new project following lockdown restrictions.

The iconic frontman is currently spending his time isolated in the English countryside and has revealed in a recent interview that he would only get together to record “in safe circumstances.”

“I don’t know when we’re gonna get together at the moment. We don’t know when we’re going to get together and record. It’s got to be in safe circumstances and all that stuff,” he told Rolling Stone.

“I’m sure we’ll get together soon, but I’ve got to finish off the stuff we’ve already done. So that gives me an opportunity now to get that out of the way. It sounds good. It’s pretty varied. A bit of all kinds of different kinds of music in there,” Jagger added.

Jagger has also been discussing the long-lost Jimmy Page collaboration ‘Scarlet’ which features on the new version of Goat’s Head Soup — which is out now.

“I spoke to [Jimmy Page] the other day,” Jagger told the publication. “I said, ‘I’m sure we did that at Olympic.’ He said, ‘No, no I remember it really well. We did it in Ronnie Wood’s basement.’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s weird, why isn’t Ronnie on it, then?’ Ronnie’s not a shy guitarist or bass player or anything. He said, ‘No, we definitely did it in Ronnie Wood’s basement.’ He remembered it really well. So that’s me, Keith, and Jimmy.”

It should come as no suprise that they can’t agree on where it was recorded considering that it’s been lost for almost half a century…