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Credit: Machocorioca


Keith Richards discusses the chances of The Rolling Stones retiring

The undisputed oldest rockers in the business, Keith Richards has no intentions of stepping away from the stage and into retirement.

The Rolling Stones guitarist and founding member, who has been prolifically created new music since 1960, has been dipping back into the archives to release previously unheard material in recent weeks in a bid to keep fans involved during the lockdown.

While the band commonly spend months at a time touring on the road, 76-year-old Richards has never entertained the idea of retirement and explained that he “can’t imagine” ever calling it a day.

“I mean, that’s what we do,” he said in a new interview with Rolling Stone. “And also there’s that thing between us, like, ‘Who’s going to be the first one to get off the bus?’ You have to be kicked off or drop off, right? So it’s like that. I really can’t imagine doing anything else.”

While the group were due to tour throughout 2020, Keith Richards and his bandmates have been forced to postpone their plans but continue to keep busy: “I’ve been singing quite a lot, and I’ve been exercising quite a lot, so I’m keeping that bit together,” frontman Mick Jagger said. “I’m not in such a bad position. Can’t feel sorry for yourself. But yeah, I miss performing.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Jagger also claimed that he would be willing to entertain the idea of performing socially distanced gigs “if that was the way of the world”.

“We might be playing to very few people,” the frontman added. “Even though we might be lucky enough to have sold tickets, we might not be able to play to them all at once.”