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Watch Metallica perform ‘Metal Militia’ for the first time in six years

Metallica, currently running through a string of European live shows, performed their track ‘Metal Militia’ live for the first time in six years.

The heavy metal icons were playing a show at the Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands. During the set, they performed ‘Metal Militia’, which appears on their classic 1983 album Kill ‘Em All, live for the first time since 2016, alongside other big hits spanning the band’s four-decade career.

In other news, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett claimed that he believes the band warned people that streaming services “wouldn’t work” as the new method of music distribution.

“We warned everyone that this was gonna happen,” Hammett told Classic Rock in a new interview. “We warned everyone that the music industry was gonna lose 80 per cent of its net worth, power and influence. When these monumental shifts come you just either fucking rattle the cage and get nothing done or you move forward.”

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“There’s definitely a new way for getting music out there, but it isn’t as effective as the music industry pre-Napster,” Hammett added. “But we’re stuck with it. There needs to be some sort of midway point where the two come together, or another completely new model comes in.”

Earlier this year, Metallica announced that they were to release a series of remixed and re-edited live performances and documentary films of their 40th-anniversary shows.

In partnership with The Coda Collection, seven new titles will become available on the subscription streaming service for the first time, celebrating the band’s four-decade run to date and offering fans a chance to recapture some of their most iconic performances.

Elsewhere, Metallica appeared at San Francisco Giants’ baseball game against the New York Mets last month and performed the US national anthem for spectators.

The metal icons returned to their hometown to perform at the big game, and before the match began, Hetfield threw the first pitch. The performance has become something of an annual tradition, with Metallica having performed eight times in the past decade. 

Watch Metallica perform ‘Metal Militia’ for the first time in six years below.