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John Carpenter named his three favourite Metallica albums

John Carpenter, the pioneering filmmaker behind classics such as Halloween and The Thing, has also received recognition for his undeniable skills as a composer. From an early age, Carpenter was influenced by music which shaped his artistic sensibilities in a lot of ways and helped him build his unique cinematic vision.

On previous occasions, Carpenter has spoken about the bands and the artists who played a pivotal role in his development as an artist. He has cited the Beatles as a chief source of inspiration, describing ‘Hey Jude’ as a “wake-up call”. His work as a composer for film soundtracks was also informed by one of his childhood favourites – the iconic ‘Dragnet Theme’.

In a recent interview, the acclaimed filmmaker also opened up about his love for Metallica. Interestingly, Carpenter prefers a very specific period in the musical journey of the highly popular metal band and he highlighted that body of work while naming some of his favourite albums from the band’s oeuvre.

Elaborating on his opinion, Carpenter revealed his three favourite albums by Metallica: “Three would be: Metallica The Black AlbumLoad, and Reload. Right in a row.” Carpenter said. The horror auteur prefers the ’90s run by Metallica, naming the three consecutive studio albums from that period as his top picks.

Carpenter justified his choice by clarifying that his picks might be unpopular but he definitely thinks it is the best work produced by Metallica. He claimed that Metallica are the embodiment of metal and even though they have made artistic decisions that haven’t resonated with their fan base, he has been a follower all along.

“Yeah, I know they don’t think it’s pure. But I love it, I thought it was great,” Carpenter clarified. Commenting on the significance of Metallica within the world of metal and his own experience as a fan, the director added: “[Metallica] are metal. Even when they took a detour, went down the Load/Reload road, I was with them.”

In addition to Metallica, Carpenter also expressed his love for the Japanese kawaii metal group Babymetal. He revealed that he loves their energy and has attended multiple concerts. Carpenter claimed that he has been considering making a metal album: “Sure, we might do that. We might snag a couple metal musicians to play. Sure why not, I love metal, always have.”

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