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John Carpenter film 'The Thing' set for 40th anniversary theatrical release

Many masterpieces directed by John Carpenter were subjected to criticism when they first came out but later became indispensable cult classics. This June, one of those cult classics is set to return to the theatres for a two-day run to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest horror films of all time – The Thing.

Talking about the pandemic and the themes of The Thing, Carpenter said in an interview: “The Thing is a film about an alien—but it can be read as a metaphor for this pandemic, this disease. The appearance of normalcy is all-important for the creature. It wants to imitate perfectly, so no one can tell who’s sick and who’s not.”

“In the United States there’s always been a cult of ignorance,” he added while commenting on the debacles during the pandemic. “Always has been, and it’s just the way it is. Somehow it’s in our nature. Some people believe that ignorance is just as good as expertise. And it’s not true, but maybe it seems like freedom,” Carpenter mused.

An extremely inventive sci-fi gem, The Thing is atmospheric horror at its finest. It presents an alien entity that has the terrifying ability to assimilate living things. Although it was dismissed by both critics and audiences at the time of its release, its stature has only continued to grow in the years that have followed.

This news was reported by the auteur himself who posted on Twitter urging people to grab the tickets as soon as possible. He also attached a video where he reflected on the production process of The Thing and claimed that it was one of the fondest memories of his career: “I loved making this movie, and I’m so excited that people can celebrate it and see it in theatres 40 years later.”

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