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(Credit: Mellah)


Mellah shares brand new track 'Heaven Only Knows'

Mellah - 'Heaven Only Knows'

South east London’s Liam Ramsden, better known under the sobriquet Mellah, has released a loopy new track, ‘Heaven Only Knows’.

The opening line is pretty damning: “Let’s be honest, we live a life/Just a bunch of half-blind sheep with the wool pulled over our eyes.” Ramsden has made some biting lyrical observations in the past, but this one is more cutting than any other openers that I can remember.

“It started life as a song about whether me and my partner at the time could find a way to stay together, but ended up as a broader question asking whether we could all find a way to cohabit together; if not in harmony then at least in some semblance of tolerance,” Ramsden explains in a press release.

“The pandemic has felt like a crossroads; for me at least, it’s thrown everything up in the air, creating in equal measure an atmosphere of both anxiety and excitement when considering how it will all fall back down to earth again. ‘Heaven Only Knows’ is just asking, ‘how do we want it to look when / if it all lands?’”.

The track is set to be featured on Mellah’s upcoming EP Them, one of three EPs the musician will be releasing this year. Collectively known as 333, the three EPs, entitled Them, Us, and Me, will each contain three songs and will focus on the duality of life. It’s a mighty ambitious plan for such a young artist, but it’s fascinating to see someone reach for the stars in the way that Ramsden is. As long as he keeps it up with good tunes, what’s not to like?

Check out the video for ‘Heaven Only Knows’ down below. 333 (Them) will be released on November 12.