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(Credit: Mellah)


Mellah announces EP trilogy with new song 'Easy Breezy'


South east London’s Liam Ramsden, better known under the sobriquet Mellah, has released a trippy new track, ‘Easy Breezy’.

Quirky, off-balance, and at times straight-up bizarre, ‘Easy Breezy’ contrasts its wonky verses with an explosive and dizzyingly bombastic chorus. It’s a very heady atmosphere on this track and could be a recipe for a bad trip if you’re not quite as psychedelically inclined. But if you’re riding the bus, fully okay with tuning in and letting yourself go, there’s a lot to like in the dense arrangement, especially in the lyrics, which have a little more bite than I had initially realised.

‘Easy Breezy’ isn’t the only new material from Mellah, who announced the release of a triple EP collection entitled 333. ‘Easy Breezy’ is taken from the first of the EP’s, Them, which will be followed by EP’s titled Us and Me.

When commenting on why he decided to undertake such a project, Mellah explained: “To this day I still see the world separated into three parts. One thing, it’s opposite and together the whole; the liminal space between the two extremes, the point of balance, oneness in duality. For example – future, past, now; birth, death, life; good, evil… human.”

With a trifecta motif in place and a whole horde of new material on the way, it’s shaping up to be a good year for Mellah. In a crowded and nebulous music industry, it’s important to have your new releases stand out in some fashion. Three EP’s could very easily have been a standard new album, but that wouldn’t nearly have been as interesting. Releasing three EP’s back to back to back as a full collection is just strange enough to be notable and easily plays into Mellah’s kooky singularity as an artist. Suffice to same I am a bigger ‘Easy Breezy’ fan than I am an ‘Eazy Sleazy’ fan. Mellah: 1, Mick Jagger: 0.

Check out the video for ‘Easy Breezy’ down below.