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Megan Fox reveals that she and Machine Gun Kelly drink each other's blood

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are rapidly becoming this generation’s weirdest couple, giving even Kayne West and the aptly named Julia Fox a run for their money.

The Transformers star and the rapper-turned-emo, have kept fans on their toes since news of their relationship first broke in 2020, but now, they’ve just entered the realms of The Addams Family following the latest revelations from Fox. 

In a recent interview with GlamourFox confirmed that she and her fiancé drink each other’s blood, maintaining that the practice is “for ritual purposes only”.

“I guess to drink each other’s blood might mislead people or people are imagining us with goblets and we’re like Game of Thrones, drinking each other’s blood,” she said. “It’s just a few drops, but yes, we do consume each other’s blood on occasion for ritual purposes only.”

Fox, who has long been known for her dedication to all things spiritual, first set the rumour mill in motion back in January this year after Machine Gun Kelly proposed to her. “Just as in every lifetime before this one, and as in every lifetime that will follow it, I said yes,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a video of his proposal. “And then we drank each other’s blood.”

“I read tarot cards and I’m into astrology and I’m doing all these metaphysical practices and meditations,” Fox explained in Glamour. “And I do rituals on new moons and full moons, and all these things. And so, when I do it, it’s a passage or it is used for a reason. And it is controlled where it’s like, ‘Let’s shed a few drops of blood and each drink it.’ [MGK is] much more haphazard and hectic and chaotic, where he’s willing to just cut his chest open with broken glass and be like, ‘Take my soul.'”

The latest comments from Megan Fox only add to the theatrical sense of macabre that the couple have been cultivating. We wonder what comes next, biting the heads of bats at the wedding?

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