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(Credit: Lainy Black)


Matt Maltese previews upcoming EP with new track 'hi'


Matt Maltese has announced details of a forthcoming EP and shared a brand new single titled ‘hi’.

Maltese’s new EP madhouse is set to come out on August 7 via Nettwerk, and ‘hi’ is the second glimpse of the new release that fans have been provided with.

The new single follows the previously released effort ‘queen bee’, which featured appearances from The Lemon Twigs‘ Brian D’Addario as well as Asha Lorenz from Sorry.

“I’ve found that sometimes the majority of the emotional journey of love and life is actually the search for an understanding of it,” Maltese said of the new EP. “And these songs try and make peace with all of that, poke fun at it and, ultimately, embrace it.”

Speaking of ‘hi’, Maltese added: “This is an ode to someone who’s there for you and has been there all along. I think it’s a song that tries to capture the moment that your love for someone reveals itself to you.”

Stream the song, below.

Matt Maltese ‘madhouse’ Tracklisting:

  1. ‘little person’
  2. ‘queen bee’
  3. ‘hi’
  4. ‘madhouse
  5. ‘leather wearing AA’
  6. ‘sad dream’