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Credit: Michael Hill


The Lemon Twigs share new single 'Live in Favor of Tomorrow'


Sometimes it’s fun to look back and revel in the nostalgia of the 1960s pop music revolution. If that sounds like a good time for you then The Lemon Twigs are the 2020 band you need in your life.

Though the group have played around with big and brash concept records, the band’s latest track, ‘Live in Favor of Tomorrow’, is lifted right out of the sixties with a jangle-pop charm that is utterly beguiling.

The track is the latest cut from their upcoming new record Songs For The General Public, the D’Addario brothers third album. It’s an absolutely charming release and pitches the band as the nostalgia giants they are.

It’s easy to dismiss the stylings of the recent song as superficial or conceited bu the truth of the matter is the D’Addario brothers are about as retro as it is possible to be without actually time travelling.

The new album arrives on August 21st and will be complemented by the previous singles ‘Moon’ and ‘The One’ which were equally flecked with the joy of jangle-pop.

If there’s one thing guaranteed to kickstart your weekend then The Lemon Twigs new single ‘Live in Favor of Tomorrow’ is certainly it.