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Matt Maltese shares new single 'You Deserve An Oscar'

Matt Maltese - 'You Deserve An Oscar'

Ahead of his forthcoming new album, Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow, Matt Maltese has shared his opulent new single, ‘You Deserve An Oscar’.

His new album arrives on October 8th and it is his first record since ‘As The World Caves In’ from his 2018 debut, Bad Contestant. The song became a timely and unexpected viral sensation on TikTok last year. Despite his change of fortunes, Maltese isn’t in a mood to smile on the cinematic ‘You Deserve On Oscar, ‘ which is undoubtedly a tune appropriate for a rainy day.

It’s atmospheric, meanwhile still maintaining a sense of intimacy thanks to Maltese’s delivery which lets you take an excursion into his world for three-and-a-half minutes. Sonically, it’s luxuriant, immersive, and absorbing, delicately blending with Maltese’s seraphic vocals.

“We all put on a brave face in this life, and this is a song for everyone who still carries on despite the misery and chaos,” Maltese comments about the track. “The greatest actors aren’t in Hollywood – they’re the people walking by you on the street, pretending everything’s ok.”

Meanwhile, while discussing his new album Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow, he said, “A lot of this [new] record is escapism. I’ve had to find more meaning out of the small parts of life. I want this record to celebrate the theatre in all the small things. It’s so cheesy to say it, but I think life is best when you try to make the ordinary extraordinary.”

Maltese added: “The pandemic made me very aware of the small things and the important things. It made the past feel even further away, which is why I think the album is so hopeful. It made me realise which relationships and connections are real and a true source of joy. It made me latch onto those things more than ever.”

‘You Deserve An Oscar’ is a soothing effort from Maltese with a calming spirit despite the somewhat dark subject matter. Maltese’s emotive voice can light up any track, and additionally, this new song is a reminder to each and everyone that they are not alone.