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Matt Maltese shares 'Mystery'

Matt Maltese - 'Mystery'

Matt Maltese has returned with his woozy new single, ‘Mystery’.

The track is haunting yet, beautiful as the 23-year-old Londoner pulls out another melancholic gem. ‘Mystery’ is his first release since last year’s Madhouse EP, and a lot has changed for the artist over that time, with his popularity serging emphatically.

‘As The World Caves In’ from his 2018 debut, Bad Contestant, has become a viral sensation on TikTok and has opened up Maltese’s work to an army of new fans. This time last year, the track was being streamed roughly 13,000 times daily on Spotify, now the single receives over 2,500,000 spins per week, but ‘Mystery’ proves that Maltese is no one-hit-wonder.

“This song’s a loving question mark,” Maltese comments about the track. “Why we are what we are, and think and feel the way we do, is an unanswerable question that we can only be in awe of sometimes.”

“A lot of this [new] record is escapism,” he continues. “I’ve had to find more meaning out of the small parts of life. I want this record to celebrate the theatre in all the small things. It’s so cheesy to say it, but I think life is best when you try to make the ordinary extraordinary.

“In many ways this album is me simply being in awe of everything and confused but at peace. I never want to sound hopeless or like I get it, because I don’t. Life feels like a search but that’s the whole point.”

His third album is yet to be formally announced, but it is expected to arrive some point later this year, and the bittersweet ‘Mystery’ is a glowing teaser of what Maltese has in store. The singer-songwriter’s ability to convey raw emotion through his voice is his prized asset, and on ‘Mystery’, Maltese does this idyllically.