Massenger - Luz Bruja


Ah we meet again Mr Weekend – and my goodness it’s nice to spend some quality time in your well deserved company. Oh the fun we shall have revelling in a world temporarily excluded from the regiments of serfdom, maybe we could go to the local watering hole, indulge in some fine malt brews, read the paper and chew the fat of life? Or maybe we could spend the precious days with our nearest and dearest basking in the knowledge that no pinstriped clad authoritarian is clocking our hours away from the desk? Maybe, just maybe, we can get loaded on the city’s Doctor Feel – Good’s delights, cloak ourselves in hedonism and riddle our minds with Rock&Roll?

… The latter it is and Massenger, the four piece outfit from California, are here to answer the calls of us innocuously intermittent fiends with ‘Luz Bruja’, taken from the group’s debut EP offering ‘Glass Girls’, a raucous and potent garage rock number that further proves that it’s not just the weed blazing gloriously out of the Golden State at the minute.

Formed in 2011 by Sasha Green, (lead vocals) and Seth Pettersen, (vox/bass) Massenger’s initial architects were soon to be joined by long-time friends and musicians, Michael Gleeson, (drums) and Bryan Russell, (guitars). A few revered records and applauded bouts of airtime later, the group caught the attention of listeners and labels alike as their searing sonic vibrations crept slowly across the pond, into the Far Out psyche and hopefully the minds of all other music addicts.

… knowing that ‘luz bruja’ translates to ‘witch light’ injects a whole new, wickedly infectious tone to the ordeal!

Joshua Hevicon

Image by David Evanko