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Marilyn Manson has one of his two Grammy nominations revoked


In a strange turn of events, The Grammys have done something that makes little sense either logically or in terms of their public perception. Save your shocked reactions, please. In a new action that deliberately doubles back on their previous defence of the matter, the Grammys have officially rescinded one of Marilyn Manson’s 2022 Award Nominations.

Manson originally scored two nominations thanks to his appearance on Kanye West’s Donda. Due to a recent change in procedure, every single songwriter and producer credited on an album gets credit when said LP gets nominated for Album of the Year. That’s understandable from a “give full credit to everyone” perspective but an absolute nightmare with regards to Donda, both because the album has a metric butt-ton of collaborators and because some of those collaborators, like Manson, are highly problematic.

But Manson is still technically up for Album of the Year. According to the New York Times, it’s his nomination as part of Best Rap Song that’s been taken away. That’s because the Recording Academy has claimed a distinction between ‘Jail’, which is the nominated song, and ‘Jail Pt. 2’, which features Manson and DaBaby. Manson is still credited as a songwriter on ‘Jail’, and Best Rap Song is traditionally given to the songwriters of a particular song, but it seems as though the Grammys wanted to quietly give Manson less of an opportunity to collect an award.

So if you’re keeping track, The Grammys decided to give Manson two nominations, then defended themselves for making those nominations, and now are trying to take away one of those nominations without anyone noticing. If anybody needs a masterclass in how to not handle public relations, this would be a pretty great example.

Kanye West pretty much owns the Best Rap Song category: since its implementation in 2004, West has won six times out of 15 nominations. Not to add unverified conjecture to this trash heap of a storyline, but this move makes it seem as though the Grammys are anticipating another win for West in this category, and they’re trying to minimise the necessity to mention Manson at any cost.

We’ll just have to see what happens during the actual ceremony. Maybe West will give Manson a shoutout from the podium if he wins. Any way it goes, it’s unlikely that Manson will be able to make it to the ceremony as his house just got raided by Los Angeles police.