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(Credit: Craig Noce)


Marilyn Manson’s home raided by LA County Sheriff


Marilyn Manson’s Los Angeles residence has been raided by the County Sheriff’s office after they executed a search warrant on the address in the latest controversy involving the musician. 

Deputy Eva Jimenez confirmed the raid to TMZ. However, further details are limited at present as the criminal investigation continues against the man whose real name is Brian Warner. 

Earlier this month it was revealed that Manson’s apartment was decorated with blood, swastikas and porn mags. He also allegedly had a soundproof glass room in which he locked women in for hours as a form of punishment.

Back in late September, a sexual assault lawsuit against the musician was refiled after being dismissed by a judge. The case alleged. that he had raped and threatened to kill a woman.

Since then, Rolling Stone has spoken to several of the women alleging the singer of abuse and further accusations have come to light, including a ‘bad girl’ room whereby Manson would lock women into a converted glass vocal booth for perceived transgressions against him.

His ex-girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline, told Rolling Stone: “At first he made it sound cool. Then, he made it sound very punitive. Even if I was screaming, no one would hear me.”

She added: “First, you fight, and he enjoys the struggle. I learned to not fight it, because that was giving him what he wanted. I just went somewhere else in my head.”

Reports of the room were ratified by his former assistant Ashley Walters who is also suing the singer claimed that he used to brag about the room to other people.

Details of what the present raid pertained to are currently unclear, but more are expected to emerge regarding the case in the coming weeks. In the immediate aftermath, however, many commentators have questioned Kanye West’s continued involvement with the musician.