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(Credit: Oliver Broome)


Man on a solo camping trip accidentally ends up at illegal rave

Oliver Broome took a solo weekend camping trip through the Yorkshire Moors when he discovered a rave that was occurring in the wilderness. Happening upon the “perfect spot” to relax, he was alarmed by the rise of noise occurring outside his tent.

“The first half of the night went as planned,” the Leeds born man said. “I’d pitched up, made my dinner on my little stove and had a couple of beers. Around 10:30pm I got in my sleeping bag to start winding down for the night. It was at this point it got strange. I could hear talking.”

Confronting the people outside, Broome was surprised to see how young they were, sensing that they were 18-year-olds out for a rave. Between them, they turned the campground into “a nightclub” with speakers, DJ equipment, and lights. Understanding that sleep was futile next to the thumping sounds, he joined the youths sitting outside his tent and commended them on their hospitality. They supplied him with beer for the evening.

Broome seems to have taken a light-hearted view on the experience, writing on Instagram, “After the weirdest camping experience I’ve ever had I’m in need of another outing to recharge the batteries.” He claims it’s the first rave he has ever been to and comments that the chances of a rave occurring in the middle of nowhere baffle him.

Broome claims the rave went on until seven in the morning, and the people left shortly after. The rave comes months after police shut down an illegal rave in an under-construction police habitat in Amsterdam. The two people who were thought to have started the rave in Amsterdam were arrested, and the sound systems were then taken into custody.

Raves were popular in the 1980s, rising with the emergence of European techno music and American house music. It emerged from the electronic dance scene, leading to street dances and other forms of reverie. Concerned with the rise of illegal gatherings, the British government introduced additional legislation allowing police to issue organisers of illegal gatherings with fines of £10,000 in August 2020.