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Credit: Frank Fieber


Mac DeMarco features on the new Yellow Days song 'The Curse'

Yellow Days - 'The Curse'

Yellow Days has cooked up another delight as he continues to tease his upcoming sophomore record with ‘The Curse’, a song that features the one and only Mac DeMarco.

The Surrey born singer-songwriter has been likened heavily to DeMarco in the past and was even handpicked to open up for the Canadian in the UK last summer, a support slot which led to this magical new collaboration his latest single which features on the follow up to 2017’s Is Everything Okay in Your World?

DeMarco’s guitar provides the perfect guise for Yellow Days—AKA George van den Broekand his beautiful soulful voice. The collaboration is one that fans of the singer have been pining for and one which will have undoubtedly lived up to their expectations.

Van den Broek was set to release his upcoming album A Day in a Yellow Beat on August 7th through Sony/RCA Records but that has now been pushed back until September 18th amid the current health crisis. On his current musical direction, George has said: “I’m trying to brand my own version of ironic dance music full of depressing truths about feeling distant from your friends, or a sense that nothing is worth anything.”

Lyrically, ‘The Curse’ deals with the topic of feeling distant as well as mental health battles that van den Broek has hinted at being the main theme of the record. “I been living in a state of fear, I been fearing the world, Well it’s ’bout time I broke out this funk, ‘Bout time I lift the curse,” he sings in the emphatic chorus.

The track’s honest depiction of being grounded by a ‘curse’ is aided by DeMarco being able to convey the same emotions as Yellow Days achieves with his sincere lyrics, one which is delivered in the purest form with his warped guitar creating a sense of anxiety that is then neutralised and calmed by van den Broek’s idyllic voice.

Stream the track, below.