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Watch Mac DeMarco perform a stripped back version of 'K'


Mac DeMarco stopped by Radio 1 to perform a stripped back version of his song ‘K’ as part of a new piano sessions series.

The performance, which came as a feature on Phil Taggart’s Chillest Show, saw DeMarco perform the love song from his most recent album Here Comes The Cowboy in romantically slow fashion.

The song, quite clearly written for his girlfriend Kiera McNally, sees DeMarco gently sing the lyrics: “The more I come to know myself, the more it seems my love grows for you.” When asked about the song in an interview with Huck, DeMarco gently answered “A ’lil sweet Paul McCartney tune for her.”

He added, with more sincerity: “She’s sweet to me. I love her. I’m sure she’s like, ‘For fuck’s sake.’ I like writing songs. Sometimes you gotta do something nice. I don’t even know if it’s nice. Maybe it’s embarrassing.”

Enjoy the performance, below.

In other DeMarco-related news, the singer songwriter has been discussing the controversy that surrounded claims that he had “copied” Mitski following the release of his most recent album.

The issue emerged after DeMarco revealed the title of his fourth studio album, Here Comes The Cowboy, which arrived in May and became the follow-up to 2017’s This Old Dog. However, upon its release, fans immediately drew comparison to Mitski’s album name Be the Cowboy

On top of that, DeMarco’s lead single from the record ‘Nobody, is the exact same name as a Mitski song. Despite constant and obvious comparisons, Mitski took to social media at the time to dampen the controversy, saying: “I’m 100% sure Mac and I just went fishing in the same part of the collective unconscious!” she tweeted. “What’s wild is we have the same PR, so I LOVE my personal conspiracy theory that she heard the album+track titles but kept quiet thinking maybe some Mac fans will mistakenly find me lol.”

Amid the debate, DeMarco also refuted claims that he had copied and went as far as to say that prior to this moment, he had never even listened to Mitski’s album. With the mini argument seemingly over, DeMarco has again been talking about the incident, showing his gratitude to Mitski for being so understanding. “She was really sweet,” he said in an interview with Beats 1’s Matt Wilkinson.

“I was texting with her last night, actually, but yeah. It was just like, really guys? Like, you’re gonna go… this is what we’re gonna do? Like, this is crazy, you know?” DeMarco added.

He continued: “But yeah, I mean, look at the world we’re living today. You know, people just want to have a go, and they did, and that’s fine. If I made somebody satisfied or got their anger quota on or something, that’s fine, but it’s like, really. It was just flabbergasting that people were like, Mac’s trolling us. It’s like, no. Why would I do that? Come on.”

“But she was sweet about it, and I’m thankful for that, and it was… you know. Well now… you know, I talked to her a little bit, and she seems really cool, and hopefully… I think we’re playing some festivals together in the next couple of months, so – hopefully I get a new homie out of the experience.”

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