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Mac DeMarco: How a goofball became the prince of indie rock

Mac DeMarco, Canadian singer-songwriter who now has six full-length studio albums to his name, has been carrying the torch for indie music since his breakthrough in 2012.

While beginning his career as the fun-loving joker who goofed around not only on stage but seemingly in the studio, DeMarco has since straightened up his approach to music and offered a slightly more sincere, openly emotional approach to his lyrics. “Everybody’s a multifaceted, emotional, living being, I think,” DeMarco once said. “Sometimes it’s fun to goof around, sometimes you’ve got to think about things, sometimes you’ve got to be strange, and then you’ve got to be jiggly. That’s just what being a human’s all about,” he continued.

While it’s true that the man who described his music as “jizz jazz” likes to play around, DeMarco’s fans have grown up around him, a development which has seen not only his personality mature but his music as well. “I’m just being myself. I’m not a very complex guy; I’m not a very studious, crazy intellectual guy. I’m just a guy,” he continued.

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With the release of his most recent album, Here Comes the Cowboy, DeMarco signified another subtle change in his approach. After years working alongside record company Captured Tracks, DeMarco is out on his own through his own indie label. Despite mixed reviews on the project, Here Comes the Cowboy became DeMarco’s first US top 10 album and sold handsomely worldwide.

Below, enjoy a short trip through DeMarco’s career in a mini film made by Jake Zeeman.