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Mac DeMarco's 'My Kind of Woman' playing slowly from another room

Mac DeMarco’s music is interpreted in a lot of ways but playing slowly from a different room is one that even we hadn’t considered.

We’ve seen Mac combined with Francois Truffaut film Les Mistons, blended seamlessly with the work of Japanese film director, Shinji Aoyama and now we have the muffled, slowed down option created by YouTube channel Cecil Robert, a 20-year-old from Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

To be honest, the only possible way to describe this video was contributed by a commenter on the video, who said:

“The party is winding down, you were never really built for this kind of lifestyle and your head is buzzing and everything slows down, it’s suddenly too much to be inside so you head out, even though it’s freezing.

“The cold hits you, but a wave of calmness hits you harder, you plug your headphones into your phone to block out the sounds of people and Mac Demarco comes on, you place yourself on the grass and look at the stars, feeling at peace, feeling at home.”

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Here it is:

In other DeMarco related news, the people’s favourite indie slacker has has released a brand new track from his upcoming album Here Comes The Cowboy.

The song, ‘All Of Our Yesterdays’, is a follow-up from the release of ‘Nobody’ which will also be found on the new LP out in May.

Introducing the news, DeMarco said: “Hi everybody, Mac here. Here’s my new song, it’s called ‘All Of Our Yesterdays.’ This was the first song I wrote in the sequence of songs that appear on my new record. Most of the rest of the songs were written in November right before we went on tour in Europe, but this one’s probably from about seven or eight months before that.

“I left it sitting with only one verse done for a long time, then finished it up while I was writing the rest of the record. The phrase ‘all of our yesterdays’ comes from the play Macbeth. Also I think there’s a Star Trek episode from 1969 with the same title; very cool.”

Here it is: