Mac DeMarco’s ‘Honey Moon’ combined with cult Japanese film ‘Helpless’

Mac DeMarco has decided to officially release his cover version of ‘Honey Moon’.

Far Out previously shared a clip of the DeMarco’s cover when a snippet was streamed live during his studio sessions via the secret YouTube channel called CAM TONY.

During those sessions, DeMarco put together a rendition of ‘Honey Moon’ by Japanese Haruomi Hosono. Since the release is only just getting the official seal of approval, one artistic YouTube account has taken things to the next level by giving the track some visuals.

Back in 1996 Japanese film director, Shinji Aoyama released his first film Helpless, a feature that would go on to earn cult status among indie film lovers. The film follows Yasuo, a gangster, who was just released from jail.

Heading back out into society, the gangster believes his boss double-crossed him and, enraged, Yasuo is on his way to find the boss. However, before embarking on this dangerous adventure, Yasuo asks Kenji to take care of his mentally challenged sister, Yuri, and a mysterious black bag.

With DeMarco taking to Japanese for his latest effort, his track has been wonderfully combined to fit Aoyama’s film.

Here’s the video:

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