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Watch Mac DeMarco's full performance at Primavera Sound 2019 right here

Mac DeMarco and his band returned to Primavera Sound for the fourth time and mixed his old and new material in an expansive set.

Taking to the Seat Stage at sunset, DeMarco’s crowd has grown dramatically since the first time he played this festival and the billing certainly recognised that. His stage, a lot further away from the crowd than he’ll be used to, was equally as friendly as he joked with his fans in equally random style.

Playing on Thursday the 30th, DeMarco’s set came directly before Interpol who followed his relaxed and calming performance. Opening with ‘On the Level’, DeMarco rolled in to ‘Salad Days‘ and ‘Nobody’ before introducing new material from his newest album Here Comes The Cowboy.

After telling the crowd the he smoked weed with Fucked Up which, in his words, “Shook him to his very core” DeMarco was on fine form for his full show.

The setlist and times can be found below if you want to skip to your favourite number.

Check it:

Mac DeMarco full Primavera Sound 2019 setlist

00:36 – ‘On the Level’
4:40 – ‘Salad Days’
8:27 – ‘Nobody’
12:44 – ‘The Stars Keep On Calling My Name’
16:03 – ‘Little Dogs March’
18:47 – ‘Cooking Up Something Good’
22:16 – ‘K’
26:12 – ‘Ode To Viceroy’
30:30 – ‘Another One’
34:22 – ‘Choo Choo’
39:18 – ‘My Old Man’
43:16 – ‘Rock And Roll Night Club’
46:40 – ‘All Of Our Yesterdays’
52:15 – ‘Freaking Out The Neighborhood
56:58 – ‘Baby Bye Bye’
1:08:00 – ‘My Kind Of Woman’
1:13:02 – ‘Chamber of Reflection’