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Watch Mac DeMarco give a wonderful tour of his home


Mac DeMarco, the Canadian singer-songwriter who has captured the hearts of all indie heads with his affable personality, has opened up the door to his home for a very special guided tour.

Kicking back after the release of his most recent album Here Comes the Cowboy, DeMarco’s home is exactly as you’d expect a man who describes his music style as “slacker jizz jazz” to be.

Having made the well-publicised move from New York City to Los Angeles, DeMarco’s lifestyle, viewpoint and musical output has been developing since opting for the sun of California. “The thinking was something like, When I get to L.A., I’ll just make the record there,” DeMarco previously said of his move across America. “But obviously, moving across the country to a house which is completely disheveled and fucked up takes more than a week to set up.”

Residing in the Silver Laker area of LA, DeMarco and his longterm girlfriend Kiera McNally have made their house in the sun a home, adding along their way a whole heap of wonderfully random items.

While giving the tour, DeMarco proudly displays the piles of old, used and somewhat battered guitars which have served him so well over the years. Mixing that with showing off old props from music videos, his hoards of festival passes and, of course, the couple’s hefty collection of fake burgers, DeMarco’s home looks the perfect setting to describe his music.

Taking a step outside, his pool resembling the shape of a Hockney painting sits unfiltered and calm outside his home studio, an outhouse building which has housed his creative thoughts around his brand new material.

“You’ve seen all my garbage,” DeMarco says before adding: “Perhaps you’ve even come to the conclusion that I am a hoarder… so be it.”

Here it is: