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Mac DeMarco is NOT married to Kiera McNally and they are NOT expecting their first child


Mac DeMarco and his longterm girlfriend Kiera McNally are not married and they are not expecting their first child, Far Out can confirm.

DeMarco whipped us all up in to a frenzy amid claims that he has married McNally after ‘announcing’ that she was expecting their first child.

DeMarco, who is currently amid the release of his new album Here Comes The Cowboy, is on tour with his band in the States and played a recent show in Seattle and told fans the news.

While topless and on stage in Seattle, DeMarco made two announcements to his fans. Firstly, that he and Kiera had married and, secondly, that the couple were expecting their first child. 

However, Far Out Magazine contacted DeMarco’s management who confirmed that the indie singer was in fact joking about the news – a factor that we alluded to in our initial article.

Having met each other aged 14— eventually getting together five years later—the couple are still going strong ten years later and DeMarco has regularly referenced McNally in his music. 

In a past interview with The Guardian, DeMarco was asked about his thoughts on writing music about being in love rather than the more cliched heartbreak lyrics, to which he answered: “I think that just being in love – being out of love, being in love, being confused by love, wanting love, not wanting love, being scared of love – it doesn’t matter which. 

“There are so many things better than feeling nothing at all. Long-term relationships are like a fucking mountainscape, you know? Things go up, things go down. That’s the fun of it.” 

Having managed to maintain such a healthy relationship for so long while thriving in an industry which forces him to travel away from home so often, DeMarco said the key to his love relationship was to “be kind. Be respectful. And be real.”