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Mac DeMarco and Logic team up on new singles 'I'm Probably Gonna Rock Your World' and 'Vacation From Myself'


Mac DeMarco and Logic, having flirted with each other on an almost continuous basis have finally got together and made some music together. The two new tracks ‘I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World’ and ‘Vacation From Myself’ are part of the soundtrack for Logic’s novel Supermarket.

The novel is Logic’s first and sees the rapper using his God-given talent for words in a more traditional space. But alongside his published novel, which is out today, comes the soundtrack and with that the collaboration between the rapper and King of Slackers Mac DeMarco, whose new album Here Comes The Cowboy is on the way very soon.

The pair had recently had a little love-in following Logic’s tattoo in tribute to DeMarco’s LP Salad Days, it goes beyond a budding bro-mance now though as the pair finally get together on record.

And for the record, it’s everything you’d hoped for. Simple and succinct, great lyrics and DeMarco’s effortless lead lines, all compounded with enough wave to give a surfer a hard-on.

Listen to ‘I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World’ and ‘Vacation From Myself’ below.

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