Get to know 'Makeout Videotape', Mac DeMarco's first band


Prior to making it on his own, Mac DeMarco released a series of tracks with his first major band Makeout Videotape, a project which would shape a path for the indie rocker to stroll down for years to come.

While we say Makeout Videotape was DeMarco’s first band, what we actually mean is it was his first band to successfully record and release music. During his school years, DeMarco was in several different bands which included indie group Meat Cleavers, post-punk band Outdoor Miners and alternative R&B band the Sound of Love.

Having just launched his own record label, it will come as little surprise to fans of DeMarco that the Canadian musician has always had a hands-on approach when recording his music. In 2009, he released a self-produced album, Heat Wave, as part of his blossoming band Makeout Videotape. It was this record that built the foundations for the slacker, psychedelic, lo-fi sound his fans are familiar with today.

The album also signified minor success, the record sold out its 500-unit run, signed to Unfamiliar Records and resulted in a tour with Japandroids.

In the year that followed Makeout Videotape would upload two more series of tracks to their Bandcamp page.

In November, Eyeballing, emerged which comprised of nine gritty demos of previously unreleased songs which were recorded between 2007 and 2009 and closely followed the style of Heat Wave.

It wasn’t until fans caught a glimpse of Ying Yang that DeMarco’s musical style, recording and producing ability began to mature. At this stage, the band is made up of DeMarco, Alex Calder and Jen Clement who, coincidentally, is the lead vocalist and drummer of Canadian indie rock band The Courtneys.

Ying Yang, recorded by DeMarco and Calder in 2010 and released in December that year, signified a major turning point for DeMarco who had seemingly found his groove and comfortably settled into a style that resonated closely with him.

Eager fans will recognise the second track on offer, the ever popular ‘Only You’ that has followed DeMarco into his solo career.

This record signified a major change for the band as, in 2011, DeMarco moved from Vancouver to Montreal to begin recording as a solo artist. With demo albums such as 2 and Rock and Roll Night Club in the works, Makeout Videotape was no more.

However, in the years that followed DeMarco’s success having signed to Captured Tracks, more previously unheard demos from Makeout Videotape began to seep online.

Extended plays in the shape of 2010’s Eating Like A Kid, Bossa Yeye and Weird Meats signified a prolific year for the band who recorded a whole bunch of varying demos as the group of musicians started to find their feet.

Here they are: