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Rapper Logic reveals Mac DeMarco 'Salad Days' tribute tattoo


Logic, the rapper best known for his album his hip-hop records and mixtapes, has revealed his love for slacker indie music with a somewhat random tribute to Mac DeMarco.

Supporting DeMarco, Logic now has now unveiled a tattoo on his arm of Salad Days in tribute to Mac DeMarco’s 2014 album release. On top of that, the rapper revealed his second new tatt reading What For? which was a reference to the Toro Y Moi LP from the following year.

Explaining further, Logic added “two of the most influential albums to me” before claiming to be preparing to include a Tame Impala reference.

Wondering what DeMarco makes of all this? Well Logic messaged him during the making of the tattoo to which DeMarco responded, “Shut the front door,” “That’s wassup,” and “Hahahaha holy shit.” Logic being the good guy that he is, thanked him for the tunes to which DeMarco replied: “Hahaha my pleasure b.”