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Lzzy Hale to issue Explorerbird Signature Model Guitar in close collaboration with Gibson

Lzzy Hale and Gibson have come together to unveil the Explorerbird signature model, making it the first time Gibson guitar with an Explorer body/neck and a Firebird headstock has been presented to the public at large. Hale is best known to the music presses as the singer and rhythm guitarist of the hard rock band Halestorm, making her an important voice in the industry.

“As synonymous as lipstick and leather, the ExplorerBird brings two iconic worlds together,” remarked Lzzy Hale in a press release. “This guitar is a statement and celebration of owning what makes you stand out. Because no one has ever made history by playing it safe.”

Clearly, the singer takes this responsibility seriously, since it applies to younger women aspiring to be rock stars. Gibson Brands president Cesar Gueikian declared it the result of two years of work between the guitar company and Hale, bringing a sense of purpose to the expedition. Gueikian claimed that it all began with the germ of an idea of merging her favourite shape in a form of instrument, ultimately manifesting in the guitar in question.

Hale is a famous figure in the world of rock and roll. She appeared on the cover alongside former Landmine Marathon vocalist Grace Perry as one of the “Hottest Chicks in Metal” for the December 2009 issue of Revolver magazine. The singer is also well known for her barrelling voice, which was used on Evanescence’s ‘Use My Voice’ which was unveiled to the public in 2020.

Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee described the song as “era of awakening, and full of powerful beauty.” Together, Hale and Lee have used their platform to speak up for women, who have traditionally been sidelined in the field of rock.

Hale most recently issued Back from The Dead, which was released in May 2022. The album was recorded in America, allowing the singer-guitarist to showcase her truth through a series of pummeling riffs and blinding vocal performances, exhibiting her perception of her struggles with mental health.

The album was recorded in conjunction with Halestorm collaborator Scott Stevens, who is credited as a co-producer.