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(Credit: Ophelia Mikkelson Jones)


Lorde shares new music video for 'Leader Of A New Regime'


Lorde has released another musical offering, this time with a music video for ‘Leader Of A New Regime’. Directed by Joel Kefali, the video sees Lorde bring a little sunshine into our lives, just as she did with ‘Fallen Fruit’ and ‘Solar Power’. With the majority of us currently in the depths of winter, this slice of New Zealand warmth couldn’t be more welcome.

Announcing the arrival of the new video in a fan newsletter, Lorde wrote: “Solstice’s should always have offerings. So for you, here’s the ‘Leader Of A New Regime’ video,” she said, before adding: “Just a couple of bites, a feeling, a perfect mid-point in the [Solar Power] journey. I hope you like it.”

The release of the video, in which Lorde sings: “Wearing SPF 3000 for the ultraviolet rays/Made it to the island on the last of the outbound planes,” comes with the news that the singer has made it back to her native New Zealand in time for Christmas. “By some stroke of good fortune, I made it home for Christmas this year,” she began, “Which means I can say ‘Happy Summer Solstice’, and mean it.”

With no small hint of smugness, Lorde went on to share how glad she felt to be back home: “It feels unbelievable to be warm again. I’ve been swimming most days, and my skin is marginally less oat milk coloured than it was on that last freezing day in New York. Been thinking a lot about last summer, when I was finishing the album and feeling invincible, coming out of a couple of quiet years ready to bite down hard.”

In the newsletter, Lorde also took the opportunity to express her gratitude for the wildly successful year she’s just put together: “What I love about really tuning in to the seasons is it gives you the understanding that everything moves on through. The flowers will bud and burst and die. Equilibriums will be found. Shit will ease off. And before you know it, you’ve made it through a freaky year feeling genuine excitement for all that the next is gonna bring.”

Describing the way she likes to celebrate the longest day of the year, Lorde continued: “It’s the summer solstice today. All day in my brain there’s a secret festival going on. I always try to go outside early in the morning, really take the time to appreciate the longest day, knowing the shortest is gonna take its place sometime soon.”

With the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, Lorde has been forced to push back her tour, which was planned to begin in New Zealand and Australia in March 2021. You can see the full list of rescheduled dates here.